Medication adherence is our mission

Terrapin Pharmacy improves the lives of individuals living with complex physical and behavioral health issues who require multiple medications by simplifying medication management for patients and healthcare providers alike.


To redefine pharmacy: focusing on compassion, taking the burden off providers and patients, and enabling patients to live their best life and providers to deliver their best care.



We are authentic and caring. We put our providers and patients first in all we do. We put the team before our self-interest.


We are tenacious in overcoming challenges. We take accountability for solving problems. We bring passion, energy and focus to our work, every day.


We do the right thing. We are honest and forthright with each other and our customers.


We partner with each other and those we serve because we know it helps us succeed. We value diversity and create a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds.

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Multi-Dose Packaging

At Terrapin, we've integrated robotic strip packaging technology into our Medherent remote medication system.

Logistics Pharmacy

We leverage a logistics-focused approach to eliminate barriers that contribute to medication nonadherence.

Medherent System

Medherent automatically prompts clients to take medication according to their prescribed dosing schedule.