Patented, Remote Medication Management System

What is Medherent?

medherent medication dispensingThe patented Medherent device is a “smart” vending machine small enough to be mounted on a wall in a client’s home. It was developed and designed to provide medication to individuals who have difficulty adhering to their complex regimens.

Clients are prompted to take medication, and providers receive real-time alerts so that they can follow up immediately if medications are missed.

Taking medication management to the next level

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Automatically prompts client to take medication within the prescribed dosing time

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Notifies caregivers in real time if a client failed to access their medication

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Reduces medication errors and staff time spent on medication

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Increases medication adherence to 90% or higher

The Medherent system helps achieve better care for individuals with a better experience.

Better outcome and lower costs

The results are clear. Clients using Terrapin’s medication management system had: 25% fewer emergency room visits and 40% fewer dollars spent on ER and hospital visits.

Medherent takes medication management to the next level for your clients.

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