Pharmacy Services
Terrapin is a full-service pharmacy serving behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disability organizations in six states.
caring pharmacy services

Our pharmacy team takes the burden off providers and staff

Terrapin’s caring pharmacists and technicians make it easier for your providers and staff to help patients stay on track.

Our pharmacy:

  • Fills all medications, not just behavioral health
  • Offers pre-filled pill organizer options 
  • Synchronize medication refills
  • Provides medication reconciliation
  • Reduces medication errors
  • Coordinates with labs
  • Offers same-day delivery
  • Provides patient assistance
  • Assists with prior authorizations
Our Medherent in-home device makes it even easier for clients to stay on track.

Multi-dose packaging saves staff time and helps clients stay on track.

Terrapin’s robotic pharmacy system packages oral medication regimens into small, heat-sealed packets.

eliminate medication confusion
No More Confusion

Eliminates confusions for individuals who take multiple medications

clean medication labelling
Clean Labelling

Clearly describes on each packet the name of the medications contained within, their color, shape, strength, and the number of tablets

medication dosage and scheduling
Dose Scheduling

Pre-sorts medications based upon the client’s particular daily dosing schedule and easy to open

accurate medication packaging
Accurate Packaging

Assures that the client receives the right medication at the right time in the proper dose every time